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St. John's Cathedral
127 E 12th Ave Cliff/Cannon

Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane
4340 W Fort George Wright Dr West Spokane

St Ann Catholic Church
2120 E 1st Ave East Central

St. Luke's Episcopal Church
501 E Wallace Ave Coeur d'Alene

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Jan 14 - Jan 31

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A Chat with the Founder

A quick look into the vision of the Founder of Seekr, the web app sometime called "the marketplace of meaning." I get to spend time with Skyler Oberst quite a lot these days. After working to map the religious landscape of Spokane County for the Harvard Pluralism Project, the millennial interfaith expert decided to stay in Spokane to be closer to family in Vancouver and to help spread religious literacy in our region. Skyler and I met about three years ago to talk about community response to hate, but, in recent months, I wanted a closer look at his motivation for starting the Seekr project, equal parts corporation, youth movement, and science experiment.

"Favorites" Is Now Active

Any user that creates a profile now has the ability to "favorite" spaces to revisit later. A star will appear at the top right of every listing. Just tap the star to "favorite" the space.

Seekr Mentioned on Local Radio